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Hi, I’m Lindsay and welcome to Real Healing Nutrition.

Whether you’re looking to make simple life changes or hoping for a total life transformation, you’ve come to the right place and I’m so glad you’re here!

Food can be complicated, especially in today’s world. We all want to live a happy and healthy life, but marketing and mixed messages can oftentimes create a picture that’s misleading and confusing. I should know, I worked in sales and marketing for nearly 15 years and much of that time was spent in partnership with food companies.

Here at Real Healing Nutrition I want to help you return to your roots, love your body and experience the healing power of nutrition in its most simple, delicious and wonderful form – with real food!

Here you’ll discover an abundance of resources including programs that can help you whether you’re just starting on your journey or looking to take your health to the next level. You’ll also find recipes, protocols and insights on everything from nutrition, supplements, self-care, and mindful living.

I believe that by creating an existence that is fulfilling and sweet we ultimately satisfy our appetite for life and food can then take on it’s intended form – to nourish us vs. numb, heal vs. harm and fight disease vs. feed it. At Real Healing Nutrition I am dedicated to the process of helping you heal so that you can thrive!


Click on the below images for more information about RHN services.

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Join the RHN family TODAY!

I invite you to join our growing community of health crusaders, self-love advocates and others who are on a mission to “get real” and “fully heal” from the inside out. As a special welcome gift you’ll also get my exclusive 7-Day Reset Program, which will help you to lay the foundation for a transformative path to better health and #realhealing.


With love and gratitude,


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quote by Kristina Turner "Real healing happens when we dare to breathe in the universe, stretching both body + soul to reach for balance + truth


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