Southern CA Corporate Wellness with Real Healing Nutrition
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Whether for a corporate wellness program, conference, non-profit event, or retreat, we’ll have your attendees inspired, empowered and armed with strategies to help improve their health through the power of Real Healing Nutrition. All of our programs are customized and designed with three goals in mind,

    1. Help participants make the necessary steps in order to achieve a greater level of balance and wellness in their life.
    2. Help employees feel recognized, appreciated and valued in their place of work.
    3. Help organizations become THE preferred place to work!

Program Offerings

  • Speaking engagements (Keynotes, Lectures, Lunch + Learns, Wellness workshops – for a complete list click here)
  • Small group programs
  • Cooking classes (no kitchen required)
  • On-site nutrition counseling for employees
  • Health food store tours
  • Customized meal plans
  • Print content
  • Video content

*Additional offerings available per your specific group needs

More information

Click on the below images for more information.

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Corporate testimonials - image of spoons with spices
Corporate Clients - image of desk with laptop and fruit

“Since Lindsay started working with our company focus on wellness, fitness and nutrition has become a hot topic in the office, for both our employees and management team alike.  Everyone seems to be on their own special diet, or challenging themselves in one way or another with a special nutrition plan or fitness plan.”

– Amy, Office Manager, Commonwealth Financial Network

Request your copy of the RHN Workplace Wellness Media kit TODAY! 

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