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As a nutritionist, if there is one thing I am a stickler about it’s supplements! It’s true that not all supplements are the same and in fact, if you’re not careful you might even find yourself unknowingly throwing hundreds of dollars away on “bad” supplements every year. I see this happen all the time in my practice! When I meet with new clients one of the first things we do is review any current protocols they might be on. Repeatedly I see people practicing good theory, meaning they may be taking the right “kinds” of supplements, but when it comes to application their efforts inadvertently fall short and this always leads to poor clinical outcomes. Supplement products do not undergo the same analysis as pharmaceutical products. This can result in ineffective, low quality, and even dangerous goods. There are many supplement companies out there that practice poor processing methods by adding harmful and even hazardous chemicals to their products. This is why in my practice I am fanatic about only using the best quality supplementation possible. I strongly feel, if you are going to invest in taking supplements you should be able to notice and feel the difference!

  • Is the supplement food-based and if so, how was it grown and was the soil re-mineralized or was it treated with harmful pesticides and chemicals?
  • Which oil or oils does the company use to lubricate their machinery and how high do they heat it? The higher the heat the more toxic the oil can become.
  • How are the supplements shipped? Are they packed with cool packs when necessary or do they sit around, unprotected, in hot warehouses for days before arriving to you?
  • What are the supporting ingredients in the supplement and how do they interact with the body? It’s common for low quality supplements to contain gluten, dairy, soy and even artificial additives. In today’s world, with all the digestive issues and food sensitivities out there, these ingredients (even in small amounts) can be detrimental to your health and they can certainly interfere with proper absorption.

Supplements are a big investment of money, time and energy and so it’s my goal to provide my clients with access to high-quality and well tested products that will truly make a difference in your journey to real healing.

As a nutritionist, I have access to 100s of different brands of supplements, but after much research and consideration, I have personally selected seven brands to share with you. These brands are pharmaceutical-grade brands that operate under the highest standards and manufacturing guidelines. Each product undergoes thorough testing by an independent laboratory to authenticate label claims, potency, and purity.

These supplements are normally only available through healthcare professionals. However, these brands have agreed to allow the RHN community access to them through our E-store so you don’t have to go through a healthcare provider.

In the store you will find descriptions of each supplement along with additional information as to why and what they do in the body. I hope this information will be useful to you and will help you in your “real healing” journey!


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