Grocery Store Tours That Make Eating Healthy Fun & Convenient!
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The Tours

In order to transform your health and your family’s health, you need to transform the way you shop. During our personally guided and customized grocery store tours you’ll learn how to make dozens of upgrades to the foods you and your family eat every day, without sacrificing the taste. Plus, I’ll teach you tips along the way that will help you to make eating healthy fun, convenient and cost effective.

This service is for you if….

  • Walking into a health food store can feel overwhelming
  • You tend to buy the same foods week after week
  • You spend too much money eating out
  • You are gaining weight and losing energy
  • You throw away a lot of food each week
  • You are confused about what’s actually “healthy” and what isn’t
  • Just thinking about what’s for dinner makes you overwhelmed
  • You are bored and uninspired with the food you eat now

During your grocery store tour, you’ll learn:

  • How to “upgrade” ALL your families favorite foods (including chips, soda and even cookies!)
  • Dozens of food therapies for weight loss, allergies, stress, depression, and more
  • How to save money at the health food store
  • Easy and effortless recipes
  • What ingredients to look for and what to avoid
  • The top brands you can trust

Total cost – $225

PLUS, you’ll also receive a copy of the RHN Grocery Store Tour Guide, which covers 100’s of foods, recipes, brands and additional food therapies ($70 value)

The Grocery Store Tour was always something I wanted to try and I am really happy I did. I first want to say it is a PHENOMENAL SERVICE you provide.  Prior to the tour, I didn’t find myself intimidated entering a health food store BUT I sometimes found it to be inconvenient to shop at. Not only did I not know where things were were located, but I also oftentimes didn’t know what they looked like. During the tour you answered ALL these questions for me! I found that there was even more information than I imagined on things you don’t normally see or can’t find at a regular grocery store. I love that you provided examples on how to prepare these new foods and the handbook is a great resource with loads of information. This tour has opened up the door for me to be able to introduce so many new, healthy and delicious foods to my family. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it!

– Jessica Lovelady
Sr. Administrative Assistant, Wife and Mom of Two

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