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What currently passes for “ordinary” in our society is absolutely crazy!

This is what “ordinary” looks like today:

  • 50% of Americans have been diagnosed with at least 1 chronic illness
  • 70% are on at least 1 prescription drug, and more than half take 2
  • 71% are considered overweight or obese
  • 80% aren’t thriving mentally and emotionally
  • And 87% dislike their job and report being disengaged at work

What if you could change all of this


just by changing what you put at the end of your fork?

The Real Healing Nutrition

Impact Vitality (IV) Masterclass

will show you how to

by creating your most healthy & fulfilling life.

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Whether you want to reverse an existing health condition, avoid a future diagnosis, or find your life’s purpose & passion and you don’t know where to start, the RHN IV MASTERCLASS will help you:

Free the blocks that keep you from fully reaching your highest potential.

Take your knowledge of nutrition to the next level and learn how to use “food as a tool for transformation” for your body AND mind.

End the vicious cycle of denial and deprivation and learn how to truly live in flow and abundance with your body – when you “give” to your body, your body will “give” to you.

Tap into your inner strength, discover your hidden super-powers, and feel incredible in your own skin.

Reverse every negative thing you’ve ever learned about food – you don’t need to count, starve or sacrifice in order to reach your goals – in fact, you'll experience that it’s just the opposite.

Create a lifestyle that excites you and that is truly sustainable – health is not a destination, it’s about discovering a journey you’re proud to live every single day.

Transform your relationship with stress by learning to move beyond your fears.

Have the sustained energy you need all day long to live your most vibrant life.

Learn how to easily integrate a strong self-care routine that addresses your physical, mental AND emotional needs all while helping you create true and lasting change.

Achieve a life you’ve been dreaming about.

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The RHN IV Masterclass

a 12-week program divided into 3 levels

Enroll in 1 or enroll in ALL!

Click on the below levels to reveal more about each.


For four weeks I’ll guide you through your own customized nutrition program, tailored specifically for you and based on an individual assessment of your current health condition and goals.  This phase is all about, reducing, eliminating and simplifying;

  1. Reduce inflammation in the body
  2. Eliminate common stressors on your system
  3. Simplify the process overall so your body and mind can begin to relax and heal

Get ready to experience a level of health you didn’t know was possible, by learning how to balance YOUR unique system – body, mind and spirit!


Dis-ease does not happen overnight. We create our outcomes based on our learned behaviors which means, if you’re unhappy with anything in your current life (your job, your health, your finances, your relationships) chances are it’s result of an unconscious, deep-rooted, limiting belief that has been with you for years – maybe even decades. Limiting beliefs are like kryptonite to our soul. They leave us feeling week and powerless and they are the reason it can take us months, years, even a lifetime to fully reach out goals.

In step two of the RHN IV Masterclass you’ll learn how to reclaim your power by letting go of old patterns and behaviors, while also identifying, eradicating, and rewiring any limiting beliefs that have kept you from fully realizing your most vibrant self.  During this second four-week period we will also continue to strengthen your health while transitioning you through phase two of your customized nutrition program identifying what foods make you thrive.


Are you living your highest potential? Do you find yourself craving more out of life?

Your body and mind work in harmony and if you want to know the secret to inspiring yourself to move to the next level of your life, the answers lie in your physical well-being. Getting your body to a new state of health can unlock a doorway to discovering a new lease on life.

In step three of the RHN IV Masterclass it’s time to move into a new way of being by identifying what I call “life’s recipe.” Your unique purpose is a delicate mix of what sets your soul on fire and the lessons you’ve learned from your innermost trials and tribulations. When we learn to truly own our full story, life opens up to us in a way we could never imagine.

During this final four-week phase, we’ll work together to discover your own unique “recipe for life” while transitioning you through phase three of your customized nutrition program – ultimate food freedom!

“This was an amazing program and so impactful.  Lindsay made herself available to all of the participants to discuss anything from acne or body odor to heartbreak and enlightment ANY time of day or night.  She really becomes like a sister to you!  She has an art within the group to help each individual see the others in their own transcending way, and facilitates everyone to relate on each other’s humanness, struggles, and uniqueness.  Such a gift!  Personally (as a Type 1 Diabetic since the age of 10), she helped me heal my relationship with food, lose weight (nearly 10 pounds in just the first month) and most importantly, she helped me reduce my insulin daily intake by 25% (that is huge – financially & physically!)! I am so thankful I participated in this program as I know it was life changing. Thank you for helping me THRIVE, Lindsay!”


What sets the RHN IV Masterclass apart

from any other program?

01|  Individual Coaching

At the beginning of each level of the program you and I will meet one-on-one via Zoom, Skype, phone or Facetime for a private coaching session.  We’ll use this time to dial into exactly what ‘your’ needs are, where you are at in the program, and what your specific goals are for each level. This step is the fundamental reason we’re able to create fast momentum. Because rather than having you adapt to an already existing program, together you and I will adapt the program to you with your exact needs, wants and goals in mind.

02Personalized Nutrition Plan

No carbon copies here! We all have different needs, especially when it comes to nutrition. From the information gathered in your private coaching session, as well as your personal health intake form and any lab assessments (if necessary), I’ll create a truly one-of-a-kind nutrition plan tailored specifically to help YOU reach your own unique health goals.

03| Dependability & Consistency

I believe (and our RHN clients tend to agree) change, growth and success all come with consistency. That’s why we meet 3 times a week. Think of it this way – Will you see success going to the gym every once in a while? Maybe. Will you see results AND even transformation if you go 3 days a week for 3 months? Absolutely! For only $60 a session, get ready to work your mind and body!

04Live Calls

So many coaching programs now are done almost entirely through pre-recorded content, assuming that each program and participant is the same. NOT THIS ONE! Imagine connecting three times a week with myself and an intimate group of like-minded individuals who are all moving in the same direction towards creating a happier and healthier life. “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford.

05|  Supportive Community

From Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) to Overeaters Anonymous (OA), two programs I am proud to be a member of, there is a reason why the most successful programs of all time are group based programs. We thrive when we find our tribe! This is why I designed this program with ‘community’ in mind. So, you gain instant (and life-long) access to an exclusive support system of individuals who are all on the same wave length and who all share your same wants and goals – to be healthy and happy!

06| 100% Tailored-to-You

Every aspect of this program is tailored, from start to finish, to you – the individual. Plus, you’ll receive a customized workbook prepared with your goals in mind. Although each workbook is unique, a few components you can expect are; a preparation check list, yes/no/ limit list of foods, dining out and travel guides, modification guidelines, resources for maximizing your plan and additional strategies designed to help you go even deeper in your journey.

07Personalized Recipe Library

When it comes to what we eat, we all have different preferences, traditions and expectations for how we want our food to taste and learning to ebb and flow with your body is essential in this journey. What you crave today may be different then what you craved yesterday. This is why we’ll work together to create your own customized “go-to” resource library of recipes so that you can learn how to adapt your meal plans to fit exactly what your needs are for each phase of the program.


Join in to the daily coaching calls from anywhere in the world by phone or from any browser on any Mac, PC or mobile device. And if there any meetings you miss, each call will be video recorded and posted to a private page through the RHN website for you to access at any time during the program.

Plus, you’ll have my 100% commitment to your health and success.

I’ll even guarantee it.

You’re investment is safe with us. Ask me at anytime about our guarantee policy.

“My weight loss and health journey has been a rocky one until I met Lindsay Sherry.  Everyone says “oh, I need to lose weight”, but it is so much more than that and Lindsay really helped me to understand how much more there is to our overall health and wellbeing. My lifestyle changes also inspired my daughter, who was struggling with several health conditions and an autoimmune disorder.   She admitted feeling better and began to act and look happier than she has in a long time. That alone was such an emotional journey for me to see my daughter living through my example.  Lindsay truly inspired me, and I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate her and what she taught me about myself.  I not only lost weight – 10 pounds in only 3-weeks! – but feel so much healthier, more energetic, and walked away with the tools I needed to continue a healthier and rewarding lifestyle.”

– Nancy

My Story

It took me years to find the courage to own my story.

Eight years ago, I was an alcoholic, a chain-smoker and a serious junk food addict who also had a very dangerous relationship with binge eating and overeating. I was miserable in almost every aspect of my life. I was sick with an autoimmune condition, exhausted and constantly run-down. If I wasn’t living for the weekends then I was then sleeping through them and truth be told, at the age of only 33, I was hardly living. What’s even sadder to me is that according to western medicine, I was considered normal and even “ordinary” in today’s standards.

My story started to change though in the fall of 2010. It was during this time I started to embark on a journey that wasn’t just about changing my physical health, it was about transforming my entire life. Since then I’ve been able to experience a level of health and happiness, I never thought was possible. By using food not just as medicine, but as a tool for transformation I’ve watched as my physical, mental and emotional health have all changed for the better. For the first time in my life I was able to make a true impact on my overall vitality and by doing so, I found my life’s mission and purpose –

“To guide you through this same path of change so that you too can show up in this world and discover your own unique purpose.”

What took me 8 years to learn, by traveling my own path and by working with over 8,000 individuals, I have now been able to fine-tune into 24-weeks of life-changing work.

Be the first to get notified of the new dates + receive a free copy of the RHN 7-day reset program

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