Read success stories from our clients at Real Healing Nutrition
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“At the end of October of last year I about cried when my doctor told me that I could now add diabetes to my list of growing health issues.  This was added to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides and low energy. I had been attending my weekly weight watchers meetings, but I was not losing much, only 9 pounds since June. I felt hopeless! I knew I needed to get healthy. In the beginning of November, an email came out in my office about a nutritionist that was coming to talk about “Food As Medicine.”  I thought that was a sign … I needed to go meet this Lindsay woman and hear what she had to say.  In that meeting, I was given hope.  The hope that I had the power within me to change my health issues.  I set up a meeting … fast forward six months….. with Lindsay’s support, I have lost 50 pounds.  My blood sugar levels are in control, I have lowered my blood pressure, my cholesterol levels are healthy and I’m completely off all medication. The journey I have been through with Lindsay has not been a diet but a life shift.  I eat different, I think different and I look different.  This process was not easy, it is work, but Lindsay has been by my side every step of the way.  She is always encouraging, she listens and she understands.  I have gratitude for having Lindsay in my life every day.”

-Dawn Davis

Sr. Manager-Revenue Accounts

 “Last November I would have defined my overall health as dismal: I was constantly tired, suffered from all sorts of digestives issues and migraines were a weekly occurrence. For the last 5 years I had also suffered with pain in the right side of my abdomen. I saw multiple doctors, had multiples tests, cat scans and even a colonoscopy performed; no one could diagnose the issue, let alone cure it. Thankfully, at that time my company offered a health seminar provided by Real Healing Nutrition. What a great presentation! I was blown away by the positive message and the simplicity of the solutions offered. I was so impressed that I followed up and requested an initial consultation with Lindsay. After just two visits with Lindsay the pain in my side completely went away and I no longer have to worry about migraines… I had spent years taking pills, visiting acupuncturists/chiropractors, I was even prescribed anti-depressants. With Lindsay’s help and guidance I was able to make the necessary changes to my lifestyle & diet and I finally got real results! If you are looking for a comfortable, positive, no pressure experience, Real Healing Nutrition is a great solution.”

– Fiona Oren
Billing Support and Collections

``I am so thankful for being given the opportunity to work with you and learn so much from you. This was clearly life changing for me and I am clearly on the right path to great health and clean eating. Also I am sleeping all night and wake up in the morning energized. Not only have I changed the way I eat but the way my family eats too. Thank you!``
- Sandra Zermeno, Escondido, CA

“Seeing that my mother is going through dialysis 4 times per week and that diabetes runs in our family, I didn’t want that to be my fate. During my consult with Lindsay we talked and she asked the question about why I wanted to change – first and foremost it was for my health and my family. I shared with her that my job was in a fast paced industry, which limited my meals and I also wasn’t getting sufficient sleep. I let her know that my ultimate goal was to get off my medications. I was also at a point where I was reaching 250lbs. Since meeting with Lindsay I’ve been eating better and getting more sleep, I’ve also been exercising and taking the vitamins that were recommended. As a result I’ve now lost 24lbs and I feel more energetic. I also had lab work performed which came back with real positive results! This is one of the chapters in my life that has taught me to enjoy life to its fullest. This has happened with the support of my wife, kids and the guidance of Lindsay.”

– Salvador Ocegueda,
Director Data Center Facilities and Production

“Since starting my program with Lindsay I’ve lost weight (17 pounds now), I have better focus, and my hot flashes and night sweats have gone away. I’m also not waking up with puffy eyes anymore and my feet and ankles would sometimes swell by the end of the day but by the middle of the third week into my program – no swelling ever! I feel very much in control- I have reduced anxiety overall, and a great overall healthy glowing buzz. I also haven’t needed an allergy pill in 2 weeks! And just in the last week alone I’ve been feeling a great deal of satisfaction with smaller amounts of food! It’s very empowering to be armed with all this knowledge, to be able to practice it and to see and feel results so quickly. I can’t wait to share my results with my doctor and see about getting off of some expensive meds – FOOD is healing me – and my body is healing itself!!! I am so grateful to you, Lindsay, for sharing your knowledge. You have armed me with an education that will last a lifetime – Thank you!”

– Kim Truckey,
San Diego, CA

``I've been following Lindsay's regimen for an entire month now and feel great! I feel like my digestive system, my energy and my overall well being feel better. Thank you!`` - Pete Loosbrack, Financial Analyst

“I am a firm believer that when the student is ready, the teacher arrives. My company gave me the opportunity to hear Lindsay speak. The topic was on “Clean Eating.” I thought I would go and learn about what produce I really should be buying organic, but what happened has been not only a life-changer but ultimately a life-saver. 

I am currently pre-diabetic and 70lbs over-weight. Both my parents were diabetic and died from complications due to diabetes. I really did not want to go down that same road. Lindsay spoke about the history of food in our country and the evolution of how so many of our  products now contain sugar. She mentioned a 21-day sugar detox and I immediately said to myself, “I need to do that!” I spoke to Lindsay after her lecture and we have been working together ever since.

I was very, very impressed with her thoroughness, the health history, her review of bloodwork, and her expert knowledge. However at our first meeting I was skeptical. Lindsay asked me if I knew what the “Primary Foods” were – I was not sure so I replied, “no.” She told me the Primary Foods are foods that feed your soul and the Secondary Foods are the physical foods you consume. I thought,  “OMG – she’s a nut job!!! What have I got myself into???” I heard her out though and it began to make sense. I have long known that my obsessive eating came from  my emotions and trying to fill that empty hole inside of me, always falling short – no matter what type of food I tried. The physical food was no longer working, nor was it bringing me any comfort. What if? What if it’s something lacking in my Primary Foods that I’m missing and no amount of physical food will suffice? For the first time I saw a glimmer of hope that I will be able to get to the root cause of my over eating. Of course when I got home I Googled “Primary Foods” and sure enough – “Food that feeds your soul” came up. I was so amazed, excited and thrilled to have Lindsay in my life.

The information she provides to her clients is really idot-proof. It has been so very easy to follow and her support has been unwavering. I am so grateful to have Lindsay on this journey with me. In the last 6 weeks I ‘ve lost 18 lbs and feel great! I have tons of energy and am very hopeful to continue with the success. I will be going in next week for follow-up bloodwork and am expecting my hemoglobin A1c to be down. A future life without diabetes is now obtainable. I’m so very happy with my life now!”

– Rebecca Bertschy
Radiololgic Technologist

“Lindsay, thank you for your guidance and partnership in helping me discover my new life!  My goals seemed simple, but I hadn’t accomplished them in 10+ years of trying; lose 50 pounds, reduce my cholesterol so that I can stop taking pharmaceuticals, change my sleep patterns, and learn to properly read food labels to prepare a variety of healthy real foods. After just 4 months of working with you, I’ve lost more then 30 pounds and I’m well on my way to my goal, I’m off my cholesterol meds of 10 years, and I cook a wide variety of foods. I’ve learned that real food is truly healing food, I am my own health advocate, what I don’t know can hurt me, and what I do know is powerful.  My holistic journey required dedication and purpose on my part, and my success would not have been possible without the knowledge and passion you have for good health. I am truly transformed and my journey through this program reaches far beyond anything I could ever write in this success story!”

– Nancy Vukovich,
Director of Customer Relations

“I have been taking antidepressants since I was 16 years old (I’m now 29). I have tried to wean myself off of them before (no other life changes, just hoping my chemical imbalance had finally “cleared itself up”—realistic, I know) but I have never been successful. My aunt and cousin had recent successes overcoming their health issues by changing their diet and I thought that it was worth a shot to see if it could help me, too. Lindsay has truly helped me improve my life and set myself up for success. I am now at a fourth the dosage I had been on for years and I am well on my way to getting off of them completely! I feel better than I have in years! Lindsay was there to support and guide me every step of the way. She doesn’t just teach you HOW to reach your goals but she teaches you WHY each step is important. I now view food in a completely different way. It is much easier to stay away from certain foods when you know how they will impact you—your mood, your health, your energy. This experience has truly been life changing for me!”

-Katherine Boag,
San Diego, CA

“Lindsay, I cannot thank you enough! Since completing my program with you I am overall much happier because I feel more aware of the foods I choose to eat. I’ve noticed several effects from working with you, one significant affect is I literally had hives everyday of my life. I just came to the understanding that it was “normal” (even though obviously if your skin is reacting that way it is not normal!). After about 3 days of being on your program the hives were completely gone! Incredible! I actually cooked in my yucky kitchen and it tastes so good to have fresh food I prepared myself. Working with Lindsay is a self learning experience with results that last far beyond the program.”

– Viviana Cesena
Chula Vista, CA

``At the start of the second week working with Lindsay, I noticed that my acid reflux was gone! I no longer had the burning sensation I always felt in my throat (like someone swiped a sandpaper against my throat ever so slightly) whenever I woke up in the morning. I was so happy because it went away even though I was still drinking coffee. Thank you so much Lindsay. My husband and I are so happy we did this program with you. My husband lost 9 lbs and is just 3 lbs short of his target weight. We both will continue to practice what we've learned from you.`` -Mary Nazaire, Sr. Word Processor.

“I was introduced to Lindsay back in 2013 at a Corporate event that I had set up for our wellness program. After Lindsay’s lectures I was always thoroughly impressed with her knowledge of food, it’s ability to heal the body, and ways to incorporate healthier options into your diet. I had always considered myself to be in good health but at the end of last year, once the holidays had past, I was feeling sluggish, moody, and overall blah. So when Lindsay mentioned that she had a new program starting in the New Year I decided to give it a shot, and let me tell you I haven’t regretted one bit of making that decision! Prior to working with Lindsay my moods were up and down, my complexion was lifeless, and I wasn’t motivated about much. Since I completed the program with Lindsay all of that has changed. I have experienced a clearer mind, no more afternoon crashes, I am  more confident in overall health, and I am now dedicated to a healthier lifestyle. While the program was challenging, working with Lindsay was “utter bliss”. She has had such a positive impact on my health and for that I am grateful! Thank you Lindsay!”

– Jessica Lovelady,
Sr. Administrative Assistant

“I grew up with all kinds of home remedies and noticed that as I was aging I was taking in more chemicals than natural remedies.  I had been searching for someone who was familiar not just with medicine in the forms of pills, powders, and capsules, but someone who was also familiar with natural and holistic remedies in the forms of herbs and other natural derivatives. Lindsay is that person! With her gentle approach she is helping me reach my goals, as far as nutrition is concerns. Based on her recommendations, I have more energy, the discomfort in my stomach has gone away, my chronic headaches are almost completely gone, I’ve been able to dramatically cut back on sugar while making all kinds of upgrades to my diet and I’ve also been able to reduce the inflammation in my body so much so that I’ve gone down two pants sizes! Thanks Mon Sherry!”

– Amirah Sadre,
Revenue Accountant

“Choosing to work with Lindsay was one of the best decisions I have made. Going into the program, I had trouble sleeping, heartburn, digestion, and congestion issues. I was not happy with my overall health and that spilled over into how I felt about my personal and social life as well. I am happy to report that after finishing the three month program, I am sleeping better and no longer experiencing the heartburn and digestion issues that were plaguing me. I have also been able to identify the foods that cause me to experience congestion and am able to manage that better as well. I chose to work with Lindsay as an investment in myself and my health, happiness, and well-being and found her to be a wonderful resource and partner on my journey to health. She does not tell you what to eat but rather coaches you on how to listen to your body and how making changes in one area of your life can have such a profound impact on the rest of it. The most eye-opening moment for me was when I completed my assessment at the end of my sixth session and compared it to the one I had filled out just a few months earlier. There was such a positive difference in the way I felt about myself after completing the program. Thank you, Lindsay!”

– Katherine Wu,
ScrumMaster/Agile Facilitator

“I met Lindsay at one of our corporate events designed to promote a healthy lifestyle in the work place and to my surprise I learned way more than I expected. We did one of her small group programs and that was a treat to say the least. I am a vegan and have been for over twenty years but what I learned from Lindsay totally change my views around what I am eating.

She has been a total wealth of information educating us on the industry and the impact of certain foods. I could see even though I have avoided certain foods in my diet there were other things I have been eating that was totally contributing to a higher blood pressure and cholesterol. Her vast knowledge of nutritional information tips and idea about how to maintain a healthy balance with our meals in a busy lifestyle was very refreshing. I was so impressed after the program I sought her out to get personal nutritional advise which has been awesome.

I was able to learn about a wide variety of foods in the grocery store that I could consume that would increase my health. One of my concerns was learning how to expand my cooking choices of health foods and she connected me with one of the best vegan chef in San Diego. I can’t say enough good things about Lindsay and the programs she offers. I have been to her workshops, Nutritional counseling, a grocery store tour, and cooking class and I can truly say It has made a big difference in my life and a testament to the fact that there is much we don’t know about what we consume on a daily basis. If you are or have considered working with Lindsay, I would highly encourage you to reach out to her, you will have a great experience.”

– Sherman Daley
Database Administrator

``I LOVE having control over my health again. I've been struggling with my weight for the last two years but after following your advice on food choices and juices, I've lost 10 pounds in the last 6 weeks. I feel so much better already. I thought I was stuck and I have control again!`` - Suzie Knoll, Executive Director

“I first met Lindsay when she came to give a lecture at my work. I always thought of myself as a very health conscious individual. However, I have learned so much from Lindsay through her corporate seminars. She delivers the material in a way that is easy to understand and very easy to make small changes that will have a significant impact in your life. I then participated in a small group program. This was truly an eye opening experience for me. Though it was one of the hardest things I ever had to do the results were worth the effort. Lindsay offers the best support, guidance and constant assistance every step of the way. After the detox I felt so clear minded, had tons of energy and felt the best in my life. Through my experiences with her I know that I have made changes in my life and best of all my family’s life that I will keep forever.”

– Gaby Olson
Safety & Regulatory Compliance Supervisor

“I have been looking for a way to curb my emotional sugar habit when the Real Healing Nutrition 21 day sugar detox came along.  I can do this!!, I thought. After about 2 weeks, I found I had more energy and my usual aches and pains were gone. My husband, who also joined me on the detox, has suffered with hand tremors that have been getting progressively worse over the years, but since the detox they have completely gone away! It’s amazing. I also was losing about 1/2 a pound a day while on the RHN program. Lindsay was so encouraging and a good cheerleader. She made it so much fun and I enjoyed sharing recipes and ideas with the group. Since ending my 21 days, I have been doing well. I seem to have lost my emotional cravings for something sweet when I am stressed out. I also found that I feel better when I am gluten free.  I think this can be a lifelong program for me and I’m excited to get down a few more sizes!”

– Carlyn Shaffner,
Carlsbad, CA

“Lindsay has been fantastic at helping me understand what it is that I am putting into my body every day and what it actually does for me. The relationship between food and the awareness of what it can do is mind boggling.  Working with Lindsay is not about dieting,  it’s not a fad, it’s an enlightening experience to build off on for the rest of my life. She takes time to understand you as a person and what you are having difficulties with in your life and works with you to build and attain realistic expectations. She helps motivate you to understand that the small changes that you make every day have lasting effects on your health and well-being. Lindsay’s approach is so refreshing and it motivates me to continue building on those small changes every day. I am forever changed on how I look at food thanks to Lindsay.”

– Liz Legacy
Compliance Manager

“By learning how to read the ingredient labels on all my foods I’ve been making better food choices and I have a different perspective on my health now. I feel like a veil was removed from my eyes and now I can see the big picture. I love myself even more and I don’t want to harm my body and my organs. My body is a temple! Working with Lindsay was very educational as I learned a lot of great information and I would highly recommend her to others. Thank you Lindsay! Muchas Gracias!”

– Clau Hasbrouck,
Accounts Payable Analyst

``After just three weeks from my first visit with Lindsay, I have to say that I feel a lot better. I feel mentally clearer, more energy, happier, and more rested!`` - Nicole Sibley, Social Work Councilor

“Let me start by saying that the program I did under Lindsay’s guidance was an amazing experience. It was not easy but nothing that is worth it ever is easy. I expected to see changes right away and I did. In the first few weeks, I lost some fat/weight around my middle. But one of the biggest benefits I felt right away is not so much the physical improvement but the mental clarity. I did not realize how ‘foggy’ certain foods made me feel. Working with Lindsay and the group was very helpful because you share stories about what works and what doesn’t. Lindsay’s words of encouragement really helped. There’s no beating up yourself when you have setbacks but a more positive focus on where you are now and where you are going. I think taking the long term approach really helped me. The time during the program is important but thinking about the next 3 months or 6 months or impacting your health positively in the long term is much more important.”

– Jaya Cummaragunta,
Director Project and Portfolio Management

“I met Lindsay at a corporate event for my office.  It so happened that about a week before the lecture I had decided to revamp my family’s eating habits, and so meeting her when I did was pretty fortuitous.  I had been thinking about trying to eliminate a lot of the processed food from my and my family’s diet, and I wanted to learn more about “real” food.  At the workshop, Lindsay shared so many intuitive and new ideas about food and I was immediately interested in one-on-one coaching with her.  From the beginning, her approach was laid back but amazingly informative, respectful of my life and choices, and so appreciative of my effort to improve my and my family’s health.  To say the journey has been transformative is an understatement.  She has become not only my nutrition coach but my biggest cheerleader as I get my arms around how my body interacts with food, which nutritional and lifestyle choices are most impactful to my well-being, and how to share everything I am learning with my family.  I really can’t imagine doing this without her and I am certain I would not have come this far if she was not part of the process –  it started with food, but our work now is about so much more.  She has helped me change my life in powerful, meaningful ways because once I learned about food, I learned how it impacted my body, and then I learned how it might impact my health, and then my behavior, and the lessons keep coming to this day.  And she is directly connected to my kids’ well-being because they are eating healthy, nourishing foods and learning about them with me.  I feel tremendous gratitude that I met her and that I work with her  … I would recommend Lindsay to anyone who really wants to learn about nutrition and its powerful impact on their lives.”

– Julie Vogelzang

“Since working with Lindsay I feel more confident in the decisions I make about my food and I am even more aware of how what I eat effects how I feel. I have lost weight and my clothes fit better which has made me feel more confident. I am excited to see my family eating better and cooking together. It has been great to be in the kitchen with my husband and 5 year old daughter making meals together. I have seen a positive effect with my family too. My daughter is taking healthier lunches to school and eating better at school too. I am sleeping better at night and not waking up and I have more energy. I also feel like I am accomplishing more because I’m not run down. Working with Lindsay was very eye opening and life changing!”

– Sara Gillogly
Personal Lines Underwriting Supervisor

“Working with Lindsay was a great reality check and self evaluation that allowed me to bring out a more healthy “me!” I’m making healthier decisions overall. I buy healthier food for my family and I rarely eat out anymore. I’ve noticed more stable energy throughout the day and I’m also much more engaged win my children’s life which has been the most rewarding change. I love not having the guilty feeling after eating crappy! No more “ugh” feeling!”

– Marguerite Elliott,
San Diego, CA

``In just one month of working with Lindsay I'm not as bloated. I feel lighter and I have more energy. My food choices are better and my children like the variety of choices they are given each night. Grocery shopping has become a breeze too. I no longer have to buy the box dinners because I know how to make things from fresh ingredients.`` - Chante Jackson, Underwriting Assistant

“Working with Lindsay has helped me to become a better grocery shopper and  I’ve found that I don’t give into impulse items. I’m reading labels (the nutrition facts) and using the outer area of the store, not the middle ailes where they keep all the processed foods! I’ve also started going to bed an hour earlier and I’m feeling really well rested. I’m less sluggish during the day and the afternoon hours (siesta hours) were very hard for me and I’d grab a candy bar or sweet snack, NOW I don’t need to do that anymore! Working with Lindsay was very educational and eye-opening.”

– Cheryl Greed
San Diego, CA

“Thank you Lindsay! Since working with you my mood and concentration has improved so much. Also I have a more clear mind and positive attitude. I’m sleeping much deeper and no more bloating (I’m even down 5 pounds in just a few weeks)! Working with you was liberating for me!”

– Ashley Fielding,
Material Damage Appraiser

I’ve struggled with heart burn and acid reflux for over 10 years but since working with Lindsay it has almost completely gone away. After an endoscopy ruled out any major illness, I was determined to find the cause of my issues instead of taking medications to make me feel better.  Changing my diet was a huge part of the solution!  My digestion is so much better and I feel more balanced with my mood, weight, and a clearer mind. I’ve noticed a more positive state of mind overall, and because of that, I’ve also experienced fewer tension headaches! Before working with Lindsay I would get a headache almost every day, but now I only experience just a few a month. Since completing my program with Real Healing Nutrition I’ve noticed that I make much better food choices and I pay more attention to food labels. I always thought the long list of ingredients in packaged foods was a minimal amount that wouldn’t affect me, but I have found that I feel significantly better when avoiding processed foods and instead eat whole natural foods.  This has been a total lifestyle change for me!”

– Stefanie,
San Diego, CA

“Since starting my program with Lindsay I’ve noticed how much better things are! I’ve lost over 10lbs in less than a month and that got me over the weight loss hump! I combined the diet suggestions laid out by Lindsay with an increased gym and yoga schedule and I definitely noticed an increase in energy as the weeks went on. With the diets and workouts I have gotten stronger and more toned. I also cook almost every day now, which has been really fun! I will definitely be more conscious of my food choices going forward as I have a whole new wealth of information. Working with Lindsay was a great experience in overall health and education!”

– Whitney Drechsler,
Advanced Planning Consultant

``I am happy to report that in just 3 weeks of working with Lindsay my blood pressure is 8 down from where it was previously. I have felt much more stamina and endurance on my workouts and even my trainer noticed the difference. I've lost a total of 6 pounds and I've even noticed that my food has been tasting better. Working with Lindsay was such a rewarding experience!`` - Sara Huffstutler, San Diego, CA

“Diabetes runs in my family and it scares me. My father and brother passed away (52 years & 49 years respectively) from complications and my eldest sister (68 years) is in long-term care with multiple complications because of it.  I don’t want this! Since working with Lindsay I’ve noticed that my health concerns have greatly been reduced. I’ve also noticed more clarity. I feel like I’m not in so much of a fog anymore; so I have a clearer mind with more focus. I’m also happier! I’m a pretty happy person to begin with, but I’m feeling even happier lately. My skin has gotten better. This is due to the combination of healthy food choices,  dry skin brushing, and cleaning my face with coconut oil and castor oil. I love the dry skin brushing and didn’t realize the importance of stimulating the lymphatic system, brushing off dead skin and other health benefits. In the past I liked cooking, but now I LOVE COOKING. I realized that I take more joy in prepping & cooking meals with healthy ingredients.”

– Rachael Ruiz,
Sr. Human Resources Generalist

“Since working with Lindsay I’ve noticed that I don’t feel bloated anymore! I have loads of energy and I’m not foggy headed anymore either. I’ve received compliments on my skin and I’ve even lost 9 pounds in under one month! I’ve surprised myself as to how determined and committed I was these past few weeks and I’ve enjoyed learning and finding new delicious foods and recipes! Working with Lindsay was a great learning and eye-opening experience! I would definitely recommend her to others!”

– Yadi Hernandez
San Diego, CA

“Working with Lindsay has been a lifestyle change for me! I’ve not only lost weight, I’ve reduced my food cravings and I’m making better food choices all around. I’ve also noticed that I am not feeling as hungry as I did prior to the program. I’m currently on blood pressure medication, but before working with Lindsay I still found it challenging to get my blood pressure under control. That’s all better now and I believe it’s a result of my diet. Thank you Lindsay for everything! Knowledge is power and I am definitely feeling Empowered!”

– Sabrina Garcia,
Claims Supervisor Material Damage

“My life has changed so much since working with Lindsay! I’ve discovered so many new foods and recipes, I’ve completely stopped using artificial sweeteners and I’m drinking a lot more water. I’ve noticed that my sinuses stay clear almost all the time now and my allergy symptoms are greatly reduced (I haven’t needed an allergy pill since starting my program). As a result, I’m in a better mood and I have more energy throughout the day!”

– Alice Wang,
San Diego, CA

``Since starting the program with Lindsay I've noticed that I'm craving less food during the workday and I'm more alert and have less stomach issues as well. I'm also cooking almost every night and I've learned how to use a spiralizer, food processor and immersion blender! This has been great and because of all the new recipes and cooking techniques I find that I'm wasting less food. I love that I can better understand food labels now and I have not gotten a migraine since starting the program!`` - Jen, San Diego, CA

“I’ve experienced a major shift in my body! Since working with Lindsay I have more energy, I sleep better and I have a clearer mind. I’ve lost 10 pounds (without exercise) and my clothes fit so much better. I have a better understanding of what it means to eat healthy. I am not even looking forward to the end of my program. My skin is clearer and has a better tone. I don’t crave certain foods at all- which is a HUGE change for me.” 

– Elisabeth Zamora,
Personal Lines Underwriter

Under your guidance I have learned much –  I have a greater alertness during the day without that mid-day mental fatigue. I have also noticed that I’m quite calm in situations that would normally test me. I find I cook more and the diversity of my cooking has greatly increased (I found that old passion for creative cooking I once had) and I now scrutinize labels with in increased awareness of the hidden ingredients! I even ran a 10K right in the middle of my program and I not only won my age group, I was 60th out of 607 women! I was also nice and calm at the start without the usual pre-race nerves. Lindsay, your genuinely caring personality has touched me and I look forward to seeing you in the future. Thank you!”

– Linda Lampila,
Financial Analyst

Lindsay, what I’ve learned from you over the past few weeks I will use as a guide for the rest of my life! I’ve experienced so many positive changes since the start of the program; I’ve lost 13 lbs!, I have more energy, I’m in a better mood, I have LOTS more patience, my mind isn’t foggy anymore and I can focus better. I’ve also noticed that my body isn’t in pain anymore – no more aches! I’m cooking healthier meals for my family and I just feel so positive and great about myself! Thank you!”

– Tammy Murphy,
Operations Support Supervisor

“I was so impressed with Lindsay’s corporate presentations that I became a client to try and improve a chronic health condition I’ve been struggling with for several years. The medications I had been taking were no longer effective, and I was reluctant to add more drugs to my daily routine. With Lindsay’s guidance, I’ve experimented with different food choices to see what would have the most positive impact. Her suggestions led me to a series of discoveries—and to significantly improved test results. I still have work to do to reach my ultimate goal, but Lindsay’s compassionate and wise approach to helping me sort out the challenges I faced gave me the support I needed to keep looking for the right combination of food and lifestyle adjustments (more sleep, less stress!) I need to make to optimize my health. It is not an overstatement to say that my sessions with Lindsay have been a life-changing experience, and I am truly grateful for the progress that she has helped me make.”

– Debbie Allen
HR Manager

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