Read Corporate Client Testimonials for Real Healing Nutrition
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“The feedback I received after the Real Healing Nutrition seminar was overwhelmingly positive. Lindsay was so knowledgeable, friendly, approachable and amazing! She is the best presenter we’ve ever had! My favorite part of the workshop was how she was able to relate and connect with the audience. It was a great presentation that made all attendees excited about improving their health!

-AnnaLisa, Certified Legal Assistant
Higgs, Fletcher & Mack LLP

``I brought Lindsay in to speak to us about nutrition and its effect on energy, focus and general well-being. We all found her to be very engaging and polished in how she spoke to corporate professionals, which is sometimes lacking in other health advisers. I still have staff telling me about the changes they have incorporated into their routine as a result of her presentation and what a difference they've noticed in how they feel.`` -Tiffany, HR Generalist for Quickplay, Inc.

“Our Organization is comprised of approximately 70% male and 30% female and Lindsay’s lectures have all been well received by staff because of Lindsay’s ability to adapt each workshop to our Organization and its unique environment.  Our staff has been so receptive to Lindsay’s workshops that most have either consulted with Lindsay on a personal basis or participated in one of her small group programs. I have observed and heard about numerous staff making lifestyle changes that have been discussed in various workshops as well as coming together in groups to discuss better ways of incorporating better habits into their daily routines. The overall outlook of staff after Lindsay’s workshops is always positive.”

– Jessica, Senior Administrative Assistant
Valley Center Municipal Water

“Lindsay gave a dynamite presentation to our staff this week on Food as Medicine. I really appreciated the presentation and thought the way she presented the information was great. Our staff really liked it too. Lindsay was amazing!” - Jami, Office Administrator for Foley, & Lardner, LLP

“The Real Healing Nutrition lectures have given our employees healthy ideas that were easy to implement in their lives. With everyone on the same track now, there’s a camaraderie in being more aware of healthy choices and sticking with them. The impact of these seminars goes beyond the doors of NAMM because our employees are taking these ideas home and getting their families to make the same positive changes.”

– Mary, Human Resources Generalist
National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM)

``We received excellent feedback after the Real Healing Nutrition lecture! Everyone really enjoyed the presentation and I've already noticed many employees starting to implement some of the food suggestions Lindsay made into their daily meal plans.`` - Leah, HR Operations Partner for Perceptive Informatics

“After Lindsay spoke at our office the feedback I received was great! She’s an incredible presenter and definitely over delivered on our expectations. All of our employees really enjoyed her seminar and are looking forward to using some of the tips she shared with us in their day to day routines. Lindsay is a great expert in her field and I would absolutely recommend her to friends, family and other companies in San Diego.”

-Claudia, Innovation Development Manager

“Lindsay gave a great presentation to our group! She is a great speaker and is fun to learn from. She gave us a lot of new information that we had never heard before. Everyone Loved it!” -Sue, Program Manager at San Diego Regional Center

“Lindsay’s seminars have been received very well by our employees and they really take her recommendations to heart. Many employees have told me about things they’ve tried after the lectures, particularly the “Twelve Spices” workshop.  Many employees went right out and bought some of the spices and are now including them in their diets. Lindsay’s seminars are fun and relaxed with some good conversation.  Lindsay makes herself available to people outside of the Wellness Workshop, but she doesn’t spend time trying to ‘sell herself’.  We appreciate that.”

– Deb, I.S. Manager

``Lindsay was able to give my employees tips for manageable changes we could all easily implement into our lives immediately. She was very knowledgeable and I would definitely recommend her.``
- Debbie, H.R. Manager for Encina Wastewater Authority

“I would describe Lindsay as enthusiastic, friendly, non-judgmental, compassionate and lovely. My favorite part of the lectures was watching her answer everyone’s questions as nothing could stump her. Everyone wants her to come back for more!

– Cindy, Benefits Manager

``Lindsay is a wealth of knowledge, yet she is skilled at being able to explain complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand. She is easy to work with and you can tell she loves her job. I found myself laughing and enjoying myself through the entire workshop. I highly recommend Lindsay!``
- Julie, Senior Director of Customer Experience for TakeLessons

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