The Top Corporate Wellness Workshops that Motivate and Inspire
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Real Healing Nutrition corporate seminars are designed to identify, report, and address high-risk health concerns within a corporate population. Simple in design, our programs deliver a significant return for any organization. These seminars present relevant cutting edge nutrition and health information in a way that inspires and energizes your employees to make positive changes toward truly transforming their health! See an excerpt from one of my seminars below.


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10 Spices that belong in the medicine chest

We look at over-the-counter (OTC) drugs as safe because they’re not prescription. However, OTC drugs can thin the lining of the gut and add a burden to the liver and kidneys. In this lecture, participants will learn how to look within their own kitchen to find all they need to calm, soothe, and relax whatever minor ailments may arise.

Best Self: 10 Strategies for Becoming Your Best + Healthiest Self

It’s no secret that in today’s world so many of us find ourselves being pulled in so many different directions – work, home, family, community. In this session, participants will learn how to safeguard their vitality while living in a world that often stretches us well beyond our natural capacity. We’ll also explore Lindsay’s top 10 tips to becoming your healthiest, strongest, fittest, most conscious version of you – no matter what!

Brain Power: Tips + tricks to increase Your productivity in & out of the office

There’s no doubt that the brain is the most complex and powerful organ of the body. In fact, it’s been said that 87% to 95% of the illnesses that plague us today are a direct result of our thought life. During this session participants will learn how to tap in to the power of their thoughts as well as how to use food strategically throughout the day to optimize brain health and performance.

Clean Eating: Is it Really that Important + How to Do it

The way we eat has changed more in the last 100 years than it has in the last 10,000 years – and that’s not necessarily a good thing. It is so important to spread the word about what clean eating is and what resources are out there to help create change in our food supply. Knowledge is power and as people vote with their dollars, our quality of food will improve and subsequently so will our collective health and happiness.

Creating a Healthy Home

For many of us, cleaning products can be pretty far down the priority list on things to upgrade even though many mainstream products we’ve been using for years contain corrosive, toxic chemicals that might “clean” well but they certainly don’t do much to protect our health. In this session participants will learn the 7 most toxic chemicals, according to the CDC, and how to upgrade your household products to create a healthier home.

De-Stress Express Workshop + DIY Challenge

Stress and burn-out are more common than ever in today’s world and our health is paying a significant price for this. In fact, WebMD estimates that 75-90% of all doctors visits are related to stress. The RHN De-Stress Express Workshop AND DIY CHALLENGE will show your participants 14 tried-and-true ways to manage stress, so they can get on the path to living a healthy and balanced life.

Healthy Meal Prep for Busy People

“I don’t have the time.” Sound familiar? We hear this all the time when it comes to why people say they just can’t eat health and in our book, it’s a fairly legitimate reason. Eating healthy does take a little planning. In this workshop, we teach you dozens of ways to prep for a healthy week ahead so that time doesn’t get in your way.

Food + Mood: How Food Effects Your Mood & What You Can Do About It

Understanding how foods affect your mood is an important topic. So often we subconsciously reach for sugar, caffeine, alcohol, or processed foods to make our bodies feel a desired effect, but when that food wears off, we crash and so does our mood! Learn how to swap out these foods for healthy alternatives that will keep you mood balanced and steady all day long.

Master the Art of Sleep

According to the CDC, over 70 million people are currently suffering with a sleep disorder. There are many reasons why we don’t sleep. Causes behind poor quality sleep can be hormonal, diet-related or because of lifestyle or brain chemistry. Learn how to get your best night’s sleep so you can function at 100%.

Sugarholic: Kick the Cravings + Transform Your Health

In 1800 , the average person in the US consumed only 5lbs of sugar in a year. Today that number has risen to nearly 170lbs of sugar, per person, per year! Sugar consumption today has been linked to a whole host of serious health conditions from insomnia, depression, cardiovascular disease, obesity, ADD & ADHD and even cancer. In this session participants will learn how to kick their sugar cravings and transform their health!

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