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Image of Katie + Lindsay holding their Real Healing Kitchen event
Image of clients at a table learning about healthy cooking
Image of food from the Real Healing Kitchen
Image of clients at Real Healing Kitchen learning about cooking

Real Healing Kitchen is the collaboration between Lindsay Sherry (Real Healing Nutrition) and Chef, Katie Farina (Katie’s Healing Kitchen). We’ve teamed up together to combine our passion for health and cooking into easy to understand workshops based on our mutual belief that “food is medicine” and that by giving your body the food and tools it needs, it can then begin to heal itself.

Our workshops, which are held in and around the San Diego area and are available to the public, are designed to tackle peoples toughest health concerns, whether it’s a sugar addiction or a lack of energy. Each class starts off with an educational and interactive lecture with Lindsay teaching the science of health and nutrition. Through this part of the class, participants will learn how to create customized protocols based on your needs and then discover how to implement them in a way that will help you boost your overall wellness. Next Katie takes over in the kitchen and demonstrates how to prepare a delicious plant based meal with ingredients carefully chosen to compliment and maximize the healing properties of each plan. It’s the perfect combination of food, knowledge and fun!

Don’t feel overwhelmed by health concerns, CONQUER THEM! With the Real Healing Kitchen workshops you’ll gain the tools necessary to transform your health!

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